'An Evening Of New Blood'


Shakespeare House


25th - 26th September 1998


Alan Smith

This unique in-house production featured scenes and readings from Shakespeare and others directed and performed by a variety of company members and overseen by Alan Smith. The programme was as follows:


"The Actor's Prologue" & "They Act For The Love Of It"
Two monologues directed and performed by Isis Hilton

"Macbeth" Act IV, Scene 1
Directed by Helena Franklin & Lizzie Smith

"The Liberation"
A duologue written and directed by Gary Brashier

"You Would Never Find..."
A poem directed and performed by Caroline Hands

"The Departure Lounge"
A duologue written and directed by Michael Stewart

A song performed by Rachel Collinge & Mark Hopwell

"Take A Pew"
A monologue directed and performed by Eric Dicken

"St. Joan" Act I, Scene I
Directed by Lorna Harrington


Director - Alan Smith
Stage Manager - Antony Owen
Assistant Stage Manager - Paul Harrington
Technical Team - Ken Owen, Cathy Robinson & Graham Robinson
Scenic Artist - Pip Davies
Publicity - Karen Owen
Catering - Flora Palmer and her team


Gray Brashier - "The Liberation" & "St. Joan"
Gemma Bushell - "St. Joan"
Jill Cocke - "Macbeth"
Rachel Collinge - "The Liberation"
Helen Cornfield - "The Departure Lounge"
Eric Dicken - "Take A Pew"
Caroline Hands - "You Would Never Find..."
Isis Hilton - "Actor's Prologue"
Mark Hopwell - "Macbeth" & "St. Joan"
Alicia Petty - "Macbeth"
Alan Smith - "Macbeth", "The Departure Lounge" & "St. Joan"
Chris Smith - "Macbeth"