'Antony & Cleopatra'




3rd - 8th March 1980


Donald Potter

Kenneth Pipes and Jessica Clewes lit up the Guildhall stage as 'Antony & Cleopatra' in Donald Potter's 1980 production.

The immortal tragedy of doomed romance played out against a wonderful Roman set with beautiful classical costumes.

All photographs taken by Tony Eycott.


Director - Donald Potter
Stage Director - Susan Linnell
Set & Cover Design - Enid Clarke
Set Construction - Andrew Pickering
Set Painting - Heather Cantrill
Wardrobe - Sybil Gamble & Jean Wheeler
Make-up - Enid Clarke
Properties - Mary Willis
Furniture - Jean Wood
Lighting - John Grosvenor
Sound - David Tinson
Book - Barbara Pipes
Front Of House Manager - Keith Garratt


Mark Antony - Kenneth Pipes
Octavius Caesar - Tony Walker
Lepidus - Ian Arnot
Enobarbus - Terry Bailey
Eros - Tony Williams
Canidius - Alan Taylor
Scarus - David Jones
Decretas - Martin Illston
Maecenas - Tony Jaggers
Agrippa - Martin Illston
Thidias - Alan Taylor
Proculeius - David Griffiths
Dolabella - Tony Jaggers
Sextus Pompey - Tony Williams
Menas - Colin Meynell
Cleopatra - Jessica Clewes
Charmian - Jill Cocke
Iras - Sandie Allen
Alexas - David Griffiths
Diomedes - John Helliwell
Soothsayer - Richard Carter
Clown - Bill Goodhead
Egyptian Attendant - Mary Brookes
Octavia - Mavis Jones
Attendants To Octavia - Sally Jones & Helen Prosser
Guards - Trevor Crick, James Dean, Miles Hunnisett, Michael Illston & Colin Meynell