'As You Like It' & 'Henry IV (Part I)'


Derby Playhouse


1st - 13th March 1965


Pat Laurie & Kenneth Pipes

As was the custom at the time in March 1965 we presented our 'Shakespeare Festival' - two back-to-back productions in consecutive weeks at the old Derby Playhouse in Sacheveral Street.

'As You Like It' featured dancing arranged by Cynthia Haslam and a song 'What Shall He Have That Killed The Deer' specially composed by Christopher Redfearn.

Our third outing for 'Henry IV (Part I)' was the directorial debut of our great actor and later president Kenneth Pipes. Preferring the stage to the director's chair Ken wouldn't direct for us again until 1982's 'Much Ado About Nothing'. This play was produced with the assistance of A. G. Williams, then president of the Derby Welsh Society.


Director - Pat Laurie
Setting Design & Painting - Enid Clarke
Stage Director - Jean Wood
Stage Manager - Gordon Styche
Musical Director - Christopher Redfearn
Wardrobe - Sybil Gamble & Jean Wheeler
Properties - Mary Willis
Make-up - Enid Clarke
Prompters - Barbara Pipes & Daphne Bridge

Director - Kenneth Pipes
Settings Design - Brian Swindell
Settings Painting - Pauline Knight
Stage Director - Ruth Turner
Stage Manager - Duncan McGregor
Assistant Stage Manager - Leonard Smith
Musical Director - Fred Minchin
Lighting - Dennis Eddowes
Wardobe - Jean Wheeler & Sybil Gamble
Properties - Mary Willis
Make-up - Ursula Eddowes
Prompter - Joyce Leech


Ferdinand - Howard Smith
Frederick - Kenneth Wrigley
Amiens - Eric Spencer
Jaques - Richard Carter
First Forest Lord - Eric Dicken
Le Beau - Christopher Redfearn
Charles - Leonard Smith
Oliver - Travis Sutton
Jaques - John Cocke
Orlando - Tony Jaggers
Adam - Dennis Eddowes
Dennis - Peter Hunt
Touchstone - Donald Potter
Sir Oliver Martext - Travis Sutton
Corin - Patrick Beck
Silvius - Peter Hunt
William - Eric Dicken
Lords - George Mountain, Tony Ratcliff, Christopher Redfearn & Leonard Smith
Pages - Michael Kirk & Judy Sharpe
Rosalind - Jessica Clewes
Celia - Jill Cocke
Phebe - Pat Kent
Audrey - Hilda Smith
Ladies - Audrey Bennett, Sally Cooper & Doris Knight

Henry IV - Frank Garratt
Henry, Prince Of Wales - Tony Rees
John Of Lancaster - John Blackwall
Earl Of Westmoreland - Kenneth Sayer
Sir Walter Blunt - Ian Roberts
Henry Percy - Harold Gamble
Hotspur - Trevor Shields
Thomas Percy - Tom Jelley
Edmund Mortimer - Richard Peach
Richard Scroop - Armytage Dean
Archibald - Duncan McGregor
Owen Glendower - Kenneth Collier
Sir Richard Vernon - Hugh Price
Sir Michael - Leslie Titmuss
Sir John Falstaff - William Pottier
Poins - Michael Partridge
Gadshill - Kenneth Tipper
Peto - Fred Minchin
Bardolph - Edwin Ennals
Francis - John Slater
Ralph - Ewen McWilliam
Lords - Philip Spencer & Peter Mortimer
Monk - Maurice Turner
Sheriff - Harold Warren
Soliders - John Adderley, Peter Gardner, Ewen McWilliam, Fred Minchin, Peter Mortimer, Michael Partridge, Percy Pickering, Kenneth Tipper, Maurice Turner, Harold Warren, Norman Whitmore & Michael Wood
Townspeople & Servants - Jennifer Brownhall, William Goodhead, John Cope, Pauline Knight, Ewen McWilliam, Peter Mortimer, Percy Pickering, Norman Whitmore & Michael Wood
Lady Percy - Marjorie Minchin
Lady Mortimer - Susan Ingram
Mistress Quickly - Peggie Banks
Ladies-In-Waiting - Lavinia Gamble & Dorothy Haymes