by Harold Pinter


Shakespeare House


8th - 10th December 2005



Adrian Robinson

Adrian Robinson directed this in house production of Harold Pinter's tense drama of extramarital affairs and deception as part of our 2005 Christmas celebration.

The play employs a reverse chronological structure, with the events surrounding Emma and Jerry's affair playing out backwards over a period of nine years.

Our excellent cast brought great heart to Pinter's famously economical dialogue and the production used its intimate setting within Shakespeare House to great effect, with split-level staging to delineate different locations and times throughout the story.


Director - Adrian Robinson
PA To Director - Cat Mayfield
Lighting & Sound - Paul Whitworth
Stage Director - Paul Kirkland
Assistant Stage Director - Nick Hallam
Wardrobe - Flora Palmer
Ticket Sales - Ruth Eycott & Flora Palmer
Props - Ruth Eycott
Prompt - Margaret Arnot


Emma - Lorna Harrington
Robert - Daniel Maddison
Jerry - Mike Leach
Waiter - Ian Arnot