Robert Ludlam Theatre


23rd - 27th March 2004


Ian Arnot

2004's production of 'Coriolanus', directed by Ian Arnot, was only our second ever presentation of this Roman political tragedy, the first being in 1938.

The play featured a traditional setting with lavish Roman costumes from both our in-house wardrobe and rented from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Richard Hand took the lead as the titular general and also lead the running at the 2004 Eagle Awards when he won the Timothy Dalton Award For Best Performance By An Actor, alongside Chris Scott and Joanna Hands who won the Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards respectively for their excellent performances.


Director - Ian Arnot
PA - Bernice McLaren
Designer - Maggie Bradley
Lighting - Jonathan Jarvis
Sound - Neil Jones
Props - Ann Toy, Judy Pratt, Joan Garratt & Molly Renshaw
Prompt - Margaret Arnot
Stage Manager - Clare Snape
Fight Coordinator - Martin Frost
Set Construction & Backstage Team - Ann Muirhead, Gary Muirhead, Terry Powles, Jonathan Wolff, Lyndon Sanderson & Elaina Evans
Wardrobe - Flora Palmer, Pat Kinnerley, Karen Owen, Molly Renshaw, Lynda Smith, Jane Roy & Ann Sharp
Chaperone - Stephanie Collyer
Poster Design - Amanda Talbot
Photography - Colin Kirk
Press Officer - Joan Garratt
Business Manager & Front Of House - Phil Button


Caius Marcius Coriolanus - Richard Hand
Tullus Aufidius - Chris Scott
Menenius - Mike Leech
Sicinius - Mick Kelly
Brutus - Tony Cooper
Volumnia - Joanna Hands
Virgilia - Caroline Hands
Valeria - Chris Smith
Gentlewoman - Janine Sanderson
First Roman Citizen - Joan Garratt
Roman Messenger - Charlotte Palmer
Roman Senators - Hugh Price & Eric Dicken
Cominius - Michael Darmola
Titus Lartius - Robert Rigby
Volscian Senators - David Culm & Jack Bamford
Volscian Messenger - Mikey Smith
Volscian Soldier - Jack Bamford
Aediles - Mikey Smith & Mathew Shepherd
Nicanor - Robert Rigby
Adrian - David Culm
Volscian Citizen - Robert Manners
Servingmen - Jack Bamford, Terry Powles & Robert Rigby
Volscian Lieutenant - Robert Manners
Watchmen - Robert Manners & Mikey Smith
Conspirators - Robert Rigby, Terry Powles & Mathew Shepherd
Volscian Lord - David Culm
Roman Citizens - Noel Hutchby, Molly Renshaw, Mikey Smith, Becky Collyer, Peter Knight, Charlotte Palmer, Terry Powles & Helen Cornfield
Roman Soldiers - Terry Powles, Mathew Shepherd & Mikey Smith
Volscian Soldiers - Jack Bamford, Robert Manners & Melvyn Crabtree
Gate Soldiers - David Culm & Noel Hutchby