Shakespeare House


23rd & 26th April 2009



Barbara Pipes

As part of the first year of our second century we marked our 101st celebration of Shakespeare's birthday with this rehearsed reading of 'Cymbeline'. The play that had only previously been presented once in an abridged form as part of an arts festival at the Guildhall in 1984.

The production was directed by our then President Barbara Pipes with assistance from Bryan Cleary. 'Cymbeline' had always been one of her favourite plays and she particularly enjoyed the fairy tale elements of abducted children, changing identities and magical intervention that permeate this story of ancient Britain.

The play contains themes of love, loyalty and chastity that would have been of great interest to a 17th century audience and remain intriguing and entertaining today.


Director - Barbara Pipes
Assistant Director - Bryan Cleary
Set, Lighting & Music - Ken Owen
Props - Karen Owen
Costumes - Flora Palmer


Storyteller/Narrator & Jupiter - Bryan Cleary
Cymbeline - Mike Leach
Queen - Christine Smith
Imogen - Laura Smith
Posthumus Leonatus - Colin Dawes
Iachimo - Chris Scott
Cloten - Matt Swan
Pisanio - Gordon Gell
Caius Lucius - Jonathan Wolff
Philario & Roman Officer - Ian Currie
Doctor & Gaoler - Alan Smith
Belarius - Mathew Shepherd
Polydore/Guiderius - Stuart Phillips
Cadwal/Arveragus - Simon Paget
Queen's Lady & Soothsayer - Clare Snape
Imogen's Lady & Maternal Vision - Helen Cornfield
Lords & Messengers - Peter Knight, Terry Powles & Matthew Wiltshire