'Hay Fever'
by Noel Coward




31st March - 4th April 1981


Pat Laurie

Under the guise of 'Derby Shakespeare Society's Globe Players', a pseudonym used for non-Shakespearean productions for a time in the 1970s and 1980s, we presented Noel Coward's sophisticated comedy 'Hay Fever' at the Guildhall in 1981.

It had been the custom to perform plays by other authors under this name since 1977 but 'Hay Fever' marked the first time that a 'Globe Players' show was performed at the Guildhall.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Director - Pat Laurie
Design - Peter J. Sellman
Lighting - John Grosvenor
Stage Director - Di Copestake
Stage Manager - Mary Brooks
Props - Susan Linnell
Wardrobe - Pat MacLean & Barbara Martin
Set Construction - James Dean & Jean Wood
Set Painting - Peter J. Sellman & Jane Carter
Book - Isabel Milner
Sound - David Tinson
Press Officer - Joan Garratt
Front Of House Manager - Donald Potter


Sorel Bliss - Sue Rigby
Simon Bliss - Martin Reddington
Clara - Jean Wood
Judith Bliss - Jessica Clewes
David Bliss - Tony Jaggers
Sandy Tyrell - David Griffiths
Myra Arundel - Joanne Williams
Jackie Coryton - Judy Pratt
Richard Greatham - Hugh Price