'Henry IV (Part I)' & 'Romeo & Juliet'


Grand Theatre


9th - 14th February 1931


A. G. Revill & C. B. Sherwin

'Henry IV (Part I)' and 'Romeo & Juliet' were both performed for the first time in our history in February 1931. Each play alternated with the other between the matinee and evening performance of the day throughout the week.  This busy schedule was customary for the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch), as we were then known, at the time.

When staging plays back to back in this was it was customary for the society to choose pieces that would contrast and compliment each other.

The Grand Theatre was our regular venue at the time, though following the Second World War the society was unable to return to the Grand and it was subsequently converted into a dance hall and, in later years, a succession of nightclubs and restaurants.


Producers - Mr. A. G. Revill & Mr. C. B. Sherwin


King Henry IV - Mr. E. J. Browne
Henry, Prince Of Wales - Mr. A. G. Revill
John Of Lancaster - Mr. J. A. Taylor
Earl Of Westmoreland - Mr. F. H. Roe
Sir Walter Blunt - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Thomas Percy, Earl Of Worcester - Mr. H. W. Ellis
Henry Percy, Earl Of Northumberland - Dr. T. E. Ashdown Carr
Hotspur - Mr. C. H. Kerswill
Edmund Mortimer, Earl Of March - Mr. L. H. Titmuss
Archibald, Earl Of Douglas - Mr. J. W. Harris
Owen Glendower - Mr. E. D. Marsden
Sir Richard Vernon - Lt. Col. G. A. Lewis
Sir John Falstaff - Mr. D. Campbell
Poins - Mr. G. F. Knighton
Gadshill - Mr. C. G. Dowding
Peto - Mr. W. A. Scott
Bardolph - Mr. J. Bottom
Francis - Mr. D. G. Gilman
Sheriff - Mr. M. H. Simpson
Messengers - Mr. D. Pailthorpe & Mr. P. V. Harris
Travellers - Messrs. A. Grimes, E. V. Pratt, W. J. Aird & J. Cranage
Counsellors - Messrs. C. H. Aslin, J. F. C. Kent & T. E. Yeomans
Soldiers - Messrs. W. J. Aird, P. V. Harris, D. Pailthorpe & N. B. Scott
Lady Percy - Mrs. A. R. Laurie
Lady Mortimer - Mrs. H. Boorman
Mistress Quickly -Mrs. G. F. Knighton

Escalus - Mr. H. W. Ellis
Paris - Mr. J. W. Harris
Montague - Mr. D. M. Cargill
Capulet - Mr. F. H. Roe
Old Man - Mr. L. H. Titmuss
Romeo - Mr. A. D. Smedley
Mercutio - Mr. C. H. Kerswill
Benvolio - Mr. G. W. Raybould
Tybalt - Mr. F. Underhill
Friar Laurence - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Friar John - Mr. J. A. Taylor
Balthasar - Mr. C. G. Dowding
Sampson - Mr. J. Bottom
Gregory - Mr. W. A. Scott
Peter - Mr. G. F. Knighton
Abraham - Mr. W. Hughes
Apothecary - Mr. R. G. Deane
Page - Mr. P. G. Tweddell
Soldiers - Messrs. G. R. Willis & W. J. Aird
Courtiers - Messrs. Mr. J. F. C. Kent & P. R. Bennett
Citizens - Messrs. J. Cranage, A. Grimes, P. V. Harris, H. Mosedale, E. V. Pratt, B. C. Scott & N. B. Scott
Lady Mantague - Miss W. S. Marsden
Lady Capulet - Mrs. A. G. Revill
Juliet - Miss Eileen Whitehouse
Nurse - Mrs. C. H. Aslin
Rosaline - Miss M. E. Wilkins
Ladies In Waiting - Mrs. G. R. Willis, Mrs. T. E. Yeomans, Miss K. M. T. Grindrod, Miss Joan Yeomans, Miss Tweddell & Miss Simpson