'Henry VI (Part II)'


Railway Institute


25th February - 1st March 1952


A. G. Revill & L. H. Titmuss

This was our first and, to date, only production of 'Henry VI (Part II)'.

It was usual at this time for the production teams of our shows to be made up from the same, relatively small, group of hard-working and highly skilled members. 1952 marked a change of role for Bill Titmuss within this team as he stepped up to co-produce this show alongside the long-established director and performer George Revill.

The programme for the show also featured a diagram of the line of royal succession as pictured below.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Producers - A. G. Revill & L. H. Titmuss
Stage Director - G. S. Aspdin
Stage Manager - D. Raybould
Music Direction - E. D. Marsden
Settings & Lighting - Dennis Eddowes
Wardrobe - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler
Properties - Mrs. L. Roome
Make-up - Mrs. D. Eddowes
Stage Carpentry - R. H. A. Dyer
Scene Painting - R. B. Hawksworth
Prompter - Miss M. C. Ashford
Business Manager - J. E. Howard Smith
Secretary To The Society - Lt.-Col. A. A. Dean


King Henry VI - A. W. Dalby-Phillips
Humphrey, Duke Of Gloucester - A. W. Pottier
Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop Of Winchester - E. D. Marsden
Richard Plantaganet, Duke Of York - F. H. Garratt
Edward - M. Pritchard
Richard - A. Hancock
Duke Of Somerset - T. W. Cooper
Duke Of Suffolk - E. G. Ennals
Duke Of Buckingham - J. E. Howard Smith
Lord Clifford - L. H. Titmuss
Young Clifford - J. R. C. Black
Earl Of Salisbury - A. A. Dean
Earl Of Warwick - T. A. Clarke
Lord Say - A. R. Carter
Sir John Stanley - I. M. Roberts
John Hume - L. H. Titmuss
John Southwell - J. R. C. Black
Bolingbroke - G. N. T. Dickinson
Spirit - R. B. Hawksworth
Thomas Horner - R. Burleigh
Peter - J. T. Clewes
Simpcox - D. Eddowes
Mayor Of St. Alban's - J. H. Banks
Clerk Of Chatham - R. Burleigh
Jack Cade - G. N. T. Dickinson
Alexander Iden - R. Turner
Beadle - T. M. Jelley
Sheriff - F. D. Beard
Pages - P. Newby & F. Shekleton
Guards - F. D. Beard, M. Brown, J. W. Hodgkinson, F. W. Jones & D. McGregor
Messengers - M. J. Conway, T. M. Jelley & C. F. Johns
Citizens, Townsmen & Apprentices - A. J. Clark, J. T. Clewes, A. W. Elliott, A. Hancock, G. W. Hipkiss, C. A. Hood, B. Izzard, E. Jones, R. Jones, C. Kingslake, P. Lander, G. Larkin, A. G. Pratt, M. Pritchard, F. L. Scargill & R. Siddons
Margaret - Mrs. V. Scopes & Miss J. M. Wood (Tuesday only)
Eleanor - Mrs. J. E. Howard Smith
Margery Jourdain - Miss P. Gibson
Wife To Simpcox - Mrs. E. Sharratt
Sisters Of Mercy - Miss S. Davis & Mrs. C. Kingslake
Citizens - Mrs. A. W. Elliott, Miss P. Gibson, Miss J. A. Sellors, Miss P. Revill & Mrs. L. H. Titmuss