'Julius Caesar'


Robert Ludlam Theatre


28th February - 4th March 2006


Laurence Conneely-Byrne

"A timely production, alright"
Review from Derby Evening Telegraph

This energetic and dramatic production of 'Julius Caesar' marked our fourth outing for the great Roman tragedy.

Updated to a setting in contemporary London and featuring a recreation of 10 Downing Street the production drew parallels with the real-life events surrounding the second Gulf War and the political manoeuvrings of Shakespeare's characters to great and timely effect.

Marc Anthony's famous "Friends, Romans, countrymen..." eulogy to Caesar was particularly notable in this production as it was accompanied by striking photographs of Caesar's autopsy featuring actor Keith Briars in highly effective make-up.


Director - Laurence Conneely-Byrne
PA - Flora Palmer
Stage Director - Ken Owen
Set Design - Laurence Conneely-Byrne
Set Construction - Ken Owen, Terry Powles, Nick Hallam, Alan Smith, Jamie Matthews, Anthony Owen & Karen Owen
Wardrobe Mistress - Flora Palmer
Wardrobe Assistants -  Pat Kinnerley, Ann Sharp, Jane Roy & Carol Powles.
Lighting Design - Andy Jones
Sound - Kevin Green
Pyrotechnics - Crescendo Fireworks
Props - Ann Toy, JIll Cocke & Ruth Eycott
Publicity & Press - Joan Chambers
Sponsorship - Laurence Conneely-Byrne
Programme Design - Ami-Lou Sharpe
Photography - Ricky Raccoon
EDS Liaison - Helen Pearce-McNeill
Front Of House - Tony Jaggers
Prompt - Margaret Arnot


Julius Caesar - Keith Briars
Calpurnia - Bernice McLaren
Mark Antony - Chris Scott
Marcus Brutus - Gordon Gell
Portia - Ami-Lou Sharpe
Cassius - Alan Smith
Casca - Jenny Earl
Flavius\Trebonius - Matthew Wiltshire
Decius Brutus - Clare Snape
Cinna - Charlotte Palmer
Mettalus - Terry Powles
Soothsayer - Joan Chambers
Lucius\Young Cato - Laura Smith
Murellus\Messala - Steve Dunning
Octavius - Patrick West-Oram
Cobbler\Cicero\Strato - Ian Arnot
Artemidorus - Eric Dicken
Lepidus - Bryan Cleary
Cinna The Poet\Pindarus - Helen Ryder
Carpenter\Servant - Jamie Matthews
Soldier\Plebian - Meg Hyam
Soldier\Woman - Rachel Charles
Soldier\Paparazzi - Adrian Tomecki
Lucillius\Paparazzi - Mike Smith
Children - Ruth Conneely & Chelsea Freeman-Camp