'King Lear'


Railway Institute


21st - 26th February 1955


A. G. Revill

In 1956 we presented 'King Lear' for the first time in the company's history.

Staging this grand tragedy for the first time was no small undertaking and, as was not uncommon during the company's years performing at the Railway Institute, complex work was required to provide the lighting and sound required for the play. This was very demanding on the free time of company members who worked very hard to have the set and technical requirements ready in time for the production to open.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Producer - A. G. Revill
Musical Directors - E. D. Marsden & Miss C. M. Roberts
Stage Director - G. S. Aspdin
Stage Manager - R. H. A. Dyer
Settings & Lighting - D. Eddowes
Wardrobe - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler
Properties - Miss J. M. Huxley & Mrs. L. Roome
Make-up - Mrs. D. Eddowes
Scene Painting - M. A. Wheeler & Miss E. Clarke
Prompters - Mrs. M. C. Ashford & Mrs. K. Pipes


Lear - K. G. Collier
King Of France - I. M. Roberts
Duke Of Burgundy - A. G. Styche
Duke Of Albany - T. M. Jelley
Duke Of Cornwall - A. R. Carter
Earl Of Kent - A. W. Elliott
Earl Of Gloucester - R. A. Williamson
Edgar - T. A. Clarke
Edmund - E. G. Ennals
Old Man - E. D. Marsden
Doctor - J. W. Fisher
Fool - L. Statham
Oswald - D. Pullan
Captain - J. P. Carr
Gentleman - A. A. Dean
Herald - D. Astle
Soldiers & Attendants - R. Black, J. Demont, A Knight, D. A. B. Marshall, H. McDougall, D. McGregor, A. G. Pratt, F. L. Scargill & H. J. White
Goneril - Miss J. Wood
Regan - Mrs. I. Owen
Cordelia - Miss P. J. Hallam