'King Lear'




28th February - 5th March 1983


Ian Arnot

Ian Arnot's ominous production of 'King Lear' in 1983 brought all the drama of the classic tale of madness, betrayal and royal calamity to the Guilhall stage.

Our former President Kenneth Pipes brought terrific gravity and power to the iconic lead role of the tormented king, beset on all sides by scheming daughters and his own hubris and madness.

He was surrounded by an equally superb cast under Ian's expert direction in a show that marked only the second time in our history that we had 'King Lear' to the stage.

All photographs taken by Tony Eycott.


Director - Ian Arnot
Stage Director - Jean Wood
Stage Manager - Ann Toy
Set Design - Andrew Pickering
Costume - Barbara Martin
Set Construction - James Dean & Richard Hudson
Lighting - John Grosvenor
Props - Mary Willis


Lear - Kenneth Pipes
King Of France - Peter Konowalik
Burgundy - Philip Fry
Cornwall - Philip Button
Albany - David Williamson
Kent - Alan Taylor
Gloucester - Stephen Wilmot
Edgar - Martin Illston
Edmund - Tony Walker
Doctor - Hugh Price
Fool - Martyn Miller
Oswald - Keith Walker
Soldiers - David Jones, Stephen Wrimwade, James Dean, Richard Hudson & Myron Handzij
Goneril - Jessica Clewes
Regan - Irene Patten
Cordelia - Susan Linnell