Railway Institute


19th - 24th February 1951


A. G. Revill & E. D. Marsden

1951's 'Macbeth', at the Railway Institute in Derby, was our second production of the infamous and bloody tragedy.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Producers - A. G. Revill & E. D. Marsden
Assistant Producer - E. G. Ennals
Stage Director - Leslie Roome
Stage Managers - R. Dyer & L. H. Titmuss
Settings & Lighting - Dennis Eddowes
Wardrobe & Properties - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler & Mrs. L. Roome
Make-up - Mrs. D. Eddowes
Scene Painting - R. B. Hawksworth
Prompter - Miss M. C. Ashford
Business Manager - J. E. Howard Smith
Secretary To The Society - Lt.-Col. A. A. Dean


Duncan - L. Irving
Malcolm - B. M. Smith
Donalbain - J. Black
Macbeth - F. H. Garratt
Banquo - A. W. Pottier
Macduff - E. G. Ennals
Lennox - I. M. Roberts
Ross - A. A. Dean
Angus - J. T. Clewes
Fleance - E. Patten
Seyton - T. W. Cooper
Son To Macduff - Timothy Gilman
Doctor - A. R. Carter
Captain - R. Turner
Porter - C. Dennis
Old Man - K. E. Sayer
Messengers - E. V. Clark & T. M. Jelley
Murderers - F. D. Beard & A. Small
Witches - Mrs. R. Burleigh, Miss P. Gibson & R. B. Hawksworth
Apparitions - Mrs. C. R. Lawrence, Miss S. Mahon & G. N. T. Dickinson
Soldiers - G. N. T. Dickinson, T. M. Jelley, N. Smith, I. Smythe, F. D. Thomas & R. Whittle
Lady Macbeth - Mrs. A. R. Laurie & Mrs. V. Scopes (Wednesday & Saturday matinees only)
Lady Macduff - Mrs. C. Cook
Gentlewoman - Mrs. L. H. Titmuss