27th February - 4th March 1978


Pat Laurie

Pat Laurie's 1978 'Macbeth' was a suitably atmospheric and powerful telling of Shakespeare's story of ambition, power and blood.

Pat called upon her own Scots heritage by using traditional costumes and a set that made wonderful use of the Guildhall stage to create a unique and craggy Dunsinane.

Kenneth Pipes and Isabel Milner made for a potent central couple while Jessica Clewes, Peggie Williamson and Jean Wood were a wonderfully macabre trio of 'weird sisters'.

All photographs taken by Tony Eycott.


Director - Pat Laurie
Set & Costume Design - Peter Sellman
Stage Management - John Blackwall, Bill Henchliff, Susan Linnell & Moira Strutt
Wardrobe - Sybil Gamble, Jean Wheeler & Joyce Collier
Properties - Mary Willis
Lighting - Anthony Bradshaw, Andy Collier & Pat Laurie
Sound - Simon Shaw
Make-up - Enid Clarke
Book - Doris Knight
Front Of House Manager - Keith Garratt


Duncan - Tom Jelley
Malcolm - Tony Walker
Donalbain - John Kirby
Macbeth - Kenneth Pipes
Banquo - Tony Jaggers
Macduff - Tony Spencer
Lennox - Geoffrey Andrews
Ross - Stan Huyton
Angus - David Lazzari
Fleance - Paul Cannon
Macduff's Son - Steven Brown & Martin Brown
Siward - Howard Smith
Captain - Hugh Price
Porter - Peter Sellman
Doctor - Ken Collier
Seyton - Richard Carter
Lords, Murderers & Attendants - Bill Goodhead, David Jones, Bill Henchliff & Anthony Varney
Lady Macbeth - Isabel Milner
Lady Macduff - Ann Toy
Gentlewoman - Joan Garratt
Weird Sisters - Jessica Clewes, Peggie Williamson & Jean Wood
Ladies - Judy Pratt & Val Cotton