'Macbeth' & 'Much Ado About Nothing'


Derby Playhouse


15th - 27th February 1960


F. H. Garrat & L. H. Titmuss

As was the custom at the time in 1960 we presented our 'Shakespeare Festival' - two back-to-back productions in consecutive weeks at the old Derby Playhouse in Sacheveral Street.

The 1960 festival marked the third time that our group, then known as the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch), had performed both 'Macbeth' and 'Much Ado About Nothing' and the two contrasting plays made for a fine start to the new decade.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Producer - F. H. Garratt
Settings - Sally Nieper
Stage Director - Miss P. Laurie
Stage Manager - D. McGregor
Musical Director - J. Townsend
Lighting - D. Eddowes
Wardrobe - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler
Properties - Miss M. Willis & Miss F. McGregor
Make-up - Mrs. D. Eddowes
Music Operator - K. Burrows
Prompter - Miss L. Gamble

Producer - L. H. Titmuss
Settings - Sally Nieper
Stage Director - G. S. Aspdin
Stage Manager & Musical Director - J. Townsend
Lighting - D. Eddowes
Wardrobe - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler & Mrs. R. H. A. Dyer
Properties - Miss M. Willis & Miss F. McGregor
Make-up - Mrs. D. Eddowes
Music Operator - Miss M. Paxton
Prompters - Mrs. M. Healey & Mrs. K. Pipes


Duncan - K. G. Collier
Malcolm - P. B. Marley
Donalbain - E. Bakewell
Macbeth - A. W. Pottier
Banquo - T. M. Jelley
Macduff - B. Swindell
Lennox - B. McGraw
Ross - D. B. Potter
Angus - A. G. Styche
Caithness - H. F. Price
Fleance - J. Pottier
Seyton - J. R. Taylor
Macduff's Son - I. Smith
Doctor - A. W. Elliott
Captain - D. McGregor
Porter - D. Eddowes
Old Man - A. A. Dean
Messenger - K. Tipper
Murderers - D. McGregor, P. Newby & A. G. Styche
Witches - Mrs. E. P. Bridge, Miss D. W. Knight & E. Spencer
Soldiers - K. Garratt, P. Newby, R. Pearman, C. M. Redfearn, C. D. Underwood & N. W. Whitmore
Lady Macbeth - Mrs. V. Scopes
Lady Macduff - Miss J. Wood
Gentlewoman Attending Lady Macbeth - Mrs. R. Burleigh
Gentlewomen - Mrs. S. Carver, Miss D. Haymes & Mrs. M. Healey
Apparitions - Miss V. Burleigh, Mrs. S Carver & Mrs. M. Healey

Don Pedro - K. Pipes
Don John - A. R. Carter
Claudio - C. D. Underwood
Benedick - L. Blyther
Leonato - J. E. H. Smith
Antonio - R. A. Williamson
Balthasar - K. Tipper
Conrade - J. A. Rees
Borachio - E. G. Ennals
Friar Francis - I. M. Roberts
Dogberry - L. Irving
Verges - R. P. J. Beck
George Seacole (Watchman) - C. D. Redfearn
Francis Seacole (Sexton) - E. D. Marsden
Watchmen - D. Hull, D. McGregor & B. Virgo
Messengers - A. Gulland & D. M. Shields
Musician - D. Hull
Hero - Miss A. V. Beck
Beatrice - Mrs. F. H. Garratt
Margaret - Miss P. E. Garrard
Ursula - Mrs. J. T. Clewes