Medieval Mystery Plays


Derby Cathedral


21st & 22nd April 2000



Caroline Reader


This co-production with Derby Cathedral to mark Easter 2000 contained the following medieval tales:

The Fall Of Man
The York Coopers' Play, in which the devil, in the form of a work or serpent, entices Eve to taste the forbidden fruit.

Noah's Flood
Chester Pageant of the Water-Leaders and Drawers in Dee, in which God, having seen his creation of man on earth turn to sin, decides to destroy all save Noah and his family.

The Cruxifiction
The York Butchers' Play, in which our Lord is crucified upon a cross.


Director - Caroline Reader
Properties - Company Members
Cart - Elvaston Castle Country Park


Ian Arnot
Mark Arnot
Alex Brown
Fay Brown
Jenna Brown
Anna Edwards
Joan Garratt
Gordon Gell
Nick Hallam
Tony Jaggers
Elaine Lawrenson
James Lawrenson
Samantha Lawrenson
Molly Renshaw
Catherine Robinson
Eric Spencer
Katie Stannard
Will Tipper
Selina Tite
Anne Toy