'Much Ado About Nothing'


Derby Grammar School & Minack


7th - 19th August 2011


Alicia Petty & Alan Smith

"The large cast perform heroically"
Review from Western Morning News

Award-winningly good! The beautiful Minack Theatre in Porthcurno has long been Derby Shakespeare Theatre Company's favourite holiday destination and this marvellous production from Alan Smith and Alicia Petty had all the ingredients of a classic British trip to the seaside.

Music, merriment and romance combined to create a memorable and joyous show that brought home the 2011 Minack Theatre Trophy for Best Production - congratulations to all involved!

All photographs taken by Bryan Cleary.


Directors - Alicia Petty & Alan Smith
PA - Lynda Smith
Stage Manager - Ken Owen
Stage Crew - Trevor Mee, Michael Oldbury & Karen Owen
Lighting Designer - Alex Stafford
Lighting Operator - Neil Jones
Sound - Andy Onion
Composer - Jon Pocock
Singing Mistress - Claire Warren
Marching Advisor - Chris Owen
Choreographer - Jackie O'Brien
Poster Illustration - Paul Phillips
Poster Design - Russ Tranter
Programme - Bryan Cleary & CCT Creative
Prompt - Margaret Arnot
Props - Ann Toy, Jill Cocke, Anne Dunning, Joanna Hands, Mike Leech & Michael Oldbury
Props Graphic Artwork - Andy Thompson
Punch & Judy Consultant - Cliff Carlton
Puppets - Pat Kinnerley
Wardobe - Flora Palmer
Wardrobe Assistants - Karen Owen and members of the company
Front Of House - Phil Button and members of the company
Chaperones - Ann Sharpe, Jon Seddon & Flora Palmer


Don Pedro - Nick Hallam
Benedick - Colin Dawes
Claudio - James Dean
Don John - Jamie Matthews
Borachio - Will Tipper
Conrade - Edward Pickering-Symes
Balthasar - Danny Duder
Leonato - Steve Dunning
Antonia - Joanna Hands
Beatrice - Caroline Reader
Hero - Jessica Nicklin
Margaret - Lisa Kelly
Ursula - Stephanie Collyer
Servant/Messenger - Joe O'Brien
Dogberry - Phil Austin
Verges - Ian Arnot
Watchmen - Terry Powles, Rob Turner, Steven Pryce, Neil Scott & Joe O'Brien
Sexton - Tony Cooper
Friar Francis - Greg Lunn
Singers - Claire Warren, Charlotte Matthews & Irene Button
Band - Mark Arnott, Greg Lunn, Alex Seddon, Helen Seddon, Matthew Seddon, Caroline Tipper & Claire Warren
Crowd - Chris Bloor, Jenny Cooper, Beth Eades, Barry Elms, Elena Fox, Katyana Malcolm, Benjamin Matthews, Cheryl Roberts, Miranda Roberts, Lizzie Smith, Mikey Smith, Hope Ward-Brown