'Much Ado About Nothing'
& 'Romeo & Juliet'


Derby Playhouse


2nd - 14th March 1970


Pat Laurie & Donald Potter

As was the custom at the time in March 1970 we presented our 'Shakespeare Festival' - two back-to-back productions in consecutive weeks at the old Derby Playhouse in Sacheveral Street.

Both productions used set pieces designed and constructed in the workshop at Shakespeare House. The set for 'Much Ado About Nothing' was built by Duncan McGregor and painted by Peter Sellman while the 'Romeo & Juliet' set was built by Percy and Jim Pickering and painted by Jean Walker and Diana Holmes. Costumes for the two shows were provided by Charles H. Fox Ltd., the well-known costume firm based in Covent Garden.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Director - Pat Laurie
Settings - Peter Sellman
Lighting - Dennis Eddowes
Stage Director - Ruth Turner
Sound - Pat Laurie & Nancy Peel
Wardrobe - Jean Wheeler, Sybil Gamble & Dorothy Turner
Properties - Mary Willis
Make-up - Ursula Eddowes & Members of the company
Prompter - Barbara Toy
Assistant Stage Managers - Jennifer Hinckley & Pat Hough

Director - Donald Potter
Design - Enid Clarke
Stage Director - Keith Garratt
Musical Director - Frederick Minchin
Lighting - Dennis Eddowes
Sound Technician - Tony Johnson
Wardobe - Jean Wheeler, Sybil Gamble & Dorothy Turner
Properties - Mary Willis
Make-up - Enid Clarke & Members of the company
Prompter - Marjorie Minchin
Stage Manager - Percy Pickering
Assistant Stage Managers - Philip Ottewell & Jim Pickering


Don Pedro - Hugh Price
Benedick - Kenneth Pipes
Claudio - Keith Briars
Don John - Malcolm Peel
Leonato - Kenneth Collier
Antonio - Richard Carter
Balthasar - Alan Lugg
Messenger - John Blackwall
Borachio - William Pottier
Conrade - Christopher Dodd
Friar Francis - Frank Garratt
Boy - Andrew Collier
Dogberry - Dennis Eddowes
Verges - Howard Smith
Sexton - Christopher Redfearn
Watchmen - John Blackwall, Fred Minchin & Kenneth Tipper
Soldiers & Attendants - Duncan McGregor, Roger Pegg & Peter Sellman
Hero - Nicola Stanhope
Ursula - Jill Cocke
Beatrice - Jessica Clewes
Lady Attendants - Daphne Bridge, Jane Carter, Mary Carter, Pat Hough, Pat McGregor, Victoria Smith, Mary Willis & Jean Wood

Escalus - John Williams
Mercutio - Eric Spencer
Paris - Peter White
Page - Nicholas Miller
Montague - John Townsend
LadyMontague - Muriel Perkins
Romeo - Paul Carpenter
Benvolio - John Goddard
Abram - Len Smith
Balthasar - Roger Clay
Capulet - Tom Jelley
Lady Capulet - Patricia Tidsall
Juliet - Julia Watson
Tybalt - Martin Pearson
Uncle Capulet - Tony Rees
Nurse - Joan Garratt
Peter - Michael Hayes
Sampson - Nicholas Miller
Gregory - Michael Hayes
Friar Laurence - Reginald Westcott
Friar John - Philip Walker
Apothecary - Tony Rees
Guards, Officers & Citizens - Stephen Archer, Philip Beeson, Michael Hayes, Paul Markham, Tony Rees, Len Smith & Norman Whitmore
Ladies-In-Waiting & Ladies Of Verona - Linda Archer, Sally Cooper, Jill Henderson, Jean Pickering, Mabs Potter & Jenny Radford