'Pink String & Sealing Wax'
by Roland Pertwee




11th - 16th April 1983


Bette Ezaz

Bette Ezaz directed and appeared in our 1983 production of 'Pink String & Sealing Wax', Roland Perwee's drama of plotting and poison.

James Dean created a wonderful period set for the production which perfectly set the sinister mood for the splendid cast to bring the story to life.

At this time we were still known as Derby Shakespeare Society and it was the custom for non-Shakespearean plays to be performed under the name of the Globe Players. This practice was abandoned following our change into the Derby Shakespeare Theatre Company in 1987 and from that point onward all productions were done under the company name, regardless of the author.

All photographs taken by Tony Eycott.


Director - Bette Ezaz
Stage Director - Jean Wood
Assistant Stage Manager - Carol Gilbert
Set - James Dean
Lighting - John Grosvenor
Wardrobe - Barbara Martin
Make-up - Joyce Leech
Book - Susan Linnell
Photographs - Tony Eycott
Music - Donald Potter
Front Of House - Richard Carter & Kenneth Collier


Eva Strachan - Lisa Wright
Mrs. Strachan - Peggie Williamson
Albert Strachan - Nicholas Hufton
Edward Strachan - Donald Potter
Jessie Strachan - Gail Ward
Emily Strachan - Kate Newton
Dr. O'Shea - Hugh Price
Ernest O'Shea - Myron Handzij
Pearl Bond - Bette Ezaz