'Readings & Recitations
From Shakespeare'




26th April & 15th November 1910


 Rev. Alfred Bater

In 1910 the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch), as we were known at the time, was able to stage its second full production of a play when it brought 'The Merchant Of Venice' to the Midland Railway Institute in February.

Mounting full plays was a considerable challenge at the time, with the society in its infancy and its membership and resources still growing.  As such other, smaller scale presentations were mounted, including this pair of compendium shows that featured readings and performances of scenes from various plays.

These shows are also notable as being the first time that our company performed at Derby's Guildhall, which would be converted to a theatre in 1971 and serve as a regular venue for us from then until the present day.


Producer -  Rev. Alfred Bater


Claudius - Mr. M. H. Matthews
Hamlet - Mr. H. Wilkes
Polonius - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Laertes - Mr. A. E. Wells
Horatio - Mr. F. W. Towle
Marcellus - Mr. C. H. Fisher
Ghost Of Hamlet's Father - Mr. T. H. Freeman
1st Gravedigger - Mr. V. Vaughan
2nd Gravedigger - Mr. A. Riley
Player King - M. H. McCarthy
2nd Player - Mr. C. B. Sherwin
Priest - Mr. J. A. Burton
Player Queen - Miss A. Fisher
Gertrude - Mrs. H. Wilkes
Ophelia - Mrs. H. Arnold Bemrose

Brutus - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Cassius - Mr. H. Wilkes

Dogberry - Mr. V. Vaughan
Verges - M. H. McCarthy
Sexton - Mr. C. B. Sherwin
1st Watchman - Mr. T. H. Freeman
2nd Watchman - Mr. C. H. Fisher
Borachio - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Conrade - Mr. H. Wilkes