'Richard II' & 'The Taming Of The Shrew'


Grand Theatre


6th - 11th February 1939


A. G. Revill & E. D. Marsden

This pair of productions marked the end of an are for the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch), as we were then known.

Owing to the outbreak of World War II these would be our last performances until 1947's 'The Merchant Of Venice' and it would also be the last time we performed at the old Grand Theatre, on Babington Lane in Derby, which had been our home since 1927.

'The Taming Of The Shrew' also marked the final stage appearance for Alfred Goodey, a member since the early days of the society and a well-known local artist and philanthropist.  Goodey died in 1945 , before the society had been able to regroup and recover from the rigours of war.  With his passing we also lost our rehearsal space in his home at 40 Ashbourne Road, Derby.


Producers - Mr. A. G. Revill & Mr. E. D. Marsden
Dance Arranged By - Miss A. K. Stancliffe


King Richard II - Mr. F. H. Garratt
John Of Gaunt, Duke Of Lancaster - Mr. A. D. Smedley
Edmund Of Langley, Duke Of York - Mr. E. J. Browne
Henry Bolingbroke, Duke Of Hereford - Mr. G. W. Raybould
Duke Of Aumerie - Mr. A. I. Moore
Thomas Mowbray, Duke Of Norfolk - Mr. K. E. Sayer
Duke Of Surrey - Mr. K. B. Smith
Earl Of Salisbury - Mr. P. De G. Thornhill
Lord Berkeley - Mr. P. S. Dickens
Bushy - Mr. A. W. Pottier
Bagot - Mr. C. T. Plant
Green - Mr. J. H. Richardson
Earl Of Northumberland - Mr. G. V. Reeves
Henry Percy - Mr. S. Morrison
Lord Ross - Mr. C. Lanaway
Lord Willoughby - Mr. A. S. Anderson
Lord Fitzwater - Mr. G. S. Aspdin
Bishop Of Carlisle - Mr. F. H. Roe
Abbot Of Westminster - Mr. C. H. Aslin
Sir Stephen Scroop - Mr. H. J. Banks
Sir Pierce Of Exton - Mr. H. K. Mason
First Herald - Mr. W. T. Hall
Second Herald - Mr. G. W. Raybould
First Gardener - Mr. F. R. Winfield
Second Gardener - Mr. A. A. Allen
Third Gardener - Mr. L. B. Cornish
Keeper - Mr. W. H. Warren
Groom - Mr. G. Shardlow
Servants - Messrs. G. T. Clarke & R. Homer
Servants & Attendants - Messrs. A. E. Beeson, W. Bussell, E. R. Lilley, C. B. Payne, W. L. Saywell, K. E. Swain, J. H. Upton & H. T. Willoughby
Queen - Miss Beatrice Young
Duchess Of York - Mrs. A. G. Revill
Duchess Of Gloucester - Mrs. H. Boorman
Ladies In Waiting - Miss M. Dobson, Miss H. C. Greaves, Miss D. W. Knight, Miss P. Laurie, Mrs. G. W. Raybould, Miss J. Simpson & Mrs. G. R. Willis

Baptista - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Vincentio - Mr. G. W. Ford
Lucentio - Mr. F. E. Mann
Petruchio - Mr. A. E. Sellers
Gremio - Mr. E. D. Marsden
Hortensio - Mr. H. J. Banks
Tranio - Mr. F. R. Winfield
Biondello - Mr. G. H. Johnson
Grumio - Mr. D. Campbell
Pedant - Mr. D. G. Gilman
Major Domo - Mr. T. Barton
Cook - Mr. A. Grime
Haberdasher - Mr. W. A. Scott
Tailor - Mr. J. Bottom
Officer - Mr. E. Chase
Servants To Baptista - Messrs. R. F. Janes & D. S Pickering
Servants To Petruchio - Messrs. G. W. Brown, J. E. Bullock, R. J. Dredge, J. F. Glover & J. G. Mills
Katharina - Mrs. A. R. Laurie
Bianca - Mrs. J. E. Howard Smith
Widow - Miss Kathleen Grindrod
Curtis - Mrs. C. H. Aslin
Guests - Miss P. Banks, Miss B. G. Campbell, Miss D. Greenhalgh, Miss J. Porter, Miss A. K. Stancliffe, Miss E. M. Tweddell & Miss G. A. Tweddell