'Richard III' & 'Much Ado About Nothing'


Grand Theatre & Repton School


11th - 16th February 1936


A. G. Revill & C. B. Sherwin

This pair of plays were performed in February 1935, each alternating with the other between the matinee and evening performance of the day.  This busy schedule was customary for the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch), as we were then known, at the time.

It was the first time that the society had produced either of these popular plays and, as such, must have made for an exciting double bill onstage at the old Grand Theatre which stood in Babington Lane, Derby.  This theatre was our regular venue at the time, though following the Second World War the society was unable to return to the Grand and it was subsequently converted into a dance hall with its stage and auditorium seating fully removed.


Producers - A. G. Revill & C. B. Sherwin


King Edward IV - Mr. C. G. Dowding
Edward, Prince Of Wales - Miss Rona Laurie
Richard, Duke Of York - Miss Judy Revill
George, Duke Of Clarence - Mr. F. H. Roe
Richard, Duke Of Gloucester - Mr. A. G. Revill
Henry, Earl Of Richmond - Mr. V. R. Shepherd
Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop Of York - Mr. D. Bastow
John Morton, Bishop Of Ely - Mr. Jay B. Smith
Duke Of Buckingham - Mr. R. E. Williams
Duke Of Norfolk - Mr. W. H. Warren
Earl Rivers - Mr. T. E. Harrison
Marquis Of Dorset - Mr. S. Morrison
Lord Grey - Mr. F. B. Hill
Lord Hastings - Mr. L. H. Titmuss
Lord Stanley - Mr. O. Humphreys
Earl Of Oxford - Mr. F. B. Hill
Lord Lovel - Mr. C. H. Townsend
Sir Thomas Vaughan - Mr. C. R. Burstall
Sir Richard Ratcliff - Mr. K. B. Smith
Sir William Catesby - Mr. E. E. Gay
Sir James Tyrrel - Mr. J. A. Taylor
Sir James Blount - Mr. J. W. Harris
Sir Walter Herbert - E. Clark
Sir Robert Brakenbury - Mr. G. R. Willis
Sir William Brandon - Mr. J. E. Blair
Lord Mayor Of London - Mr. D. Campbell
Murderers - Mr. W. H. Warren & Mr. J. Bottom
Page - Master J. G. Mills
Soldiers - Messrs. W. J. Aird, J. E. Blair, R. Burnett, C. R. Burstall, C. B. Payne & K. E. Swain
Queen Elizabeth - Mrs. H. Boorman
Margaret - Mrs. A. G. Revill
Duchess Of York - Miss Dorothy Williams
Lady Anne - Miss Eileen Whitehouse
Ladies In Waiting - Mrs. G. R. Willis & Miss D. Riley

Don Pedro - Mr. C. G. Dowding
Don John - Mr. V. R. Shepherd
Claudio - Mr. H. W. Ellis
Benedick - Mr. A. D. Smedley
Leonato - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Antonio - Mr. L. H. Titmuss
Balthasar - Mr. R. E. Williams
Conrade - Mr. W. A. Scott
Borachio - Mr. W. H. Warren
Friar Francis - Mr. D. Bastow
Dogberry - Mr. D. Campbell
Verges - Mr. D. G. Gilman
Sexton - Mr. E. E. Gay
Page - Miss Joan Laurie
Messenger - Mr. John Bottom
Watch - Messrs. J. E. Blair, J. Bottom, S. E. H. Dowding, J. C. Goodchild, K. R. S. Moorley & C. B. Payne
Hero - Mrs. J. Howard Smith
Beatrice - Mrs. A. R. Laurie
Margaret - Mrs. C. H. Aslin
Ursula - Miss Mollie Doughty