'Romeo & Juliet'


Markeaton Park


11th - 15th July 2006


Elaina Evans

"Achingly moving and superbly staged"
Review from Derby Evening Telegraph

This spectacular outdoor production was staged within the craft village at Markeaton Park which made for a wonderful backdrop to a very modern and stylish Verona.  The cast looked sharp in beautiful costumes and the characters, re-imagined as members of rival fashion houses, were pursued by reporters and paparazzi as the story unfolded.

Jack Bamford and Ami-Lou Sharpe were magnetic as the legendary doomed lovers and brought the tragedy to life with a remarkable intimacy given the scale of the production and setting.


Director - Elaina Evans
PA - Sarah Glass
Stage Director - Ken Owen
Stage Manager - Neil Jones
Wardrobe Mistress - Flora Palmer
Wardrobe Assistants - Pat Kinnerley, Jane Roy, Ann Sharp & Julia Johnson
Lighting Design - David Phillips
Lighting Operator - Neil Jones
Sound - Andy Onion
Props - Helen Cornfield, Judy Pratt, Clare Snape, Catherine Taplin & Elaine Lawrenson
Props/Stage Combat - Lyndon Sanderson
Combat Director - Will Tipper
Voice Coach - Joanna Hands
Prompt - Margaret Arnot
Publicity - Joan Chambers
Sponsorship - Laurence Conneely-Byrne
Programme & Poster Design - Ami-Lou Sharpe
Photography - Ricky Raccoon
EDS Liaison - Helen Pearce-McNeill
Business Manager & Front Of House Manager - Phil Button
Front Of House - Members of the company


Romeo - Jack Bamford
Juliet - Ami-Lou Sharpe
Mercutio - Benjamin Lawrence
Capulet - Nick Hallam
Capulet's Wife - Meg Hyam
Nurse - Charlotte Matthews
Montague/Friar John - Jonathan Wolff
Lady Montague - Janine Sanderson
Tybalt - Will Tipper
Benvolio - Jamie Matthews
Paris - Ben Hands
Friar Lawrence - Daniel Madison
Prince - Laurence Conneely-Byrne
Peter - Gordon Gell
Gregory - Mikey Smith
Abram/Balthazar - Stuart Phillips
Petruccio - Laura Smith
TV Reporter - Joan Chambers
Apothecary - Bernice McLaren
Samson - Alexander Weightman
Photographer - Dan Udall
Security Guards - Devon White & Phil Cornelis
Capulet's Cousin - Terry Powles
Break Dancers - James Foggerty & Steve Bembridge
Guests, Fighters & Models - Andy Bosworth, Amanda McQuaid, Molly Renshaw, Alicia Currie, Steven Kalozois, Holly Steans, Kym Bellringer, Sarah Glass, Helena Franklin & Lizzie Smith