'Romeo & Juliet'


Railway Institute


20th - 28th February 1948


A. G. Revill & E. D. Marsden

Richard III 1950.jpg

1948's production of 'Romeo & Juliet' was our second and was performed on alternating days alongside 'The Winter's Tale', our other show of that year.

'Romeo & Juliet' featured music especially recorded by local performers and a dance arranged by Constance Gray. This production also saw the first appearance of perhaps our most famous member - Alan Bates, the renowned stage and screen actor, who joined us as a young man and appeared here as Mercutio's page.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Producers - A. G. Revill & E. D. Marsden
Stage Director - Leslie Roome
Settings & Lighting - Dennis Eddowes
Wardrobe & Properties - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler
Scene Painting - Cecil Smith
Make-up - Mesdames L. Bradley, D. Eddowes & F. Lock and Messrs. W. Barker, L. Bradley, Cockbain & Kinghorn
Fencing Instructor - J. Gregson


Escalus - F. W. Kimber
Paris - F. E. Mann
Montague - K. E. Sayer
Capulet - W. Malcolm
Old Man - L. H. Titmuss
Romeo - F. H. Garratt
Mercutio - A. W. Pottier
Benvolio - B. M. Smith
Tybalt - P. T. D. Sharratt
Friar Lawrence - A. G. Revill
Friar John - C. Kingslake
Sampson - K. A. Brookes
Peter Gregory - P. K. Markland
Abraham - K. Wood
Balthasar - D. Gregson
Apothecary - E. D. Marsden
Page - Alan Bates
Guards - L. C. Craven & J. Elsom
Lady Mantague - Mrs. A. W. Elliott
Lady Capulet - Mrs. L. H. Titmuss
Juliet - Miss B. M. Gilks
Nurse - Mrs. L. Bradley
Ladies - Mrs J. Stapleford & Miss M. Hands