'Shakers Re-stirred'
by John Godber


Shakespeare House


4th - 6th December 2015


Neil Scott

Shakespeare House was transformed into a classic 80s cocktail bar for Neil Scott's lively in-house production of John Godber's 'Shakers Re-stirred' in December 2015.

An exceptional cast brought to life the struggles and joys of four young women working in the eponymous bar, along with doubling-up as their clientele.

With great use of music and some unforgettable comic moments this was a truly fabulous production.

All photographs taken by Bryan Cleary.


Director - Neil Scott
PA - Charlotte Matthews
Lighting & Sound Design & Operation - Neil Jones
Publicity - Edward Pickering-Symes


Nicky - Katyana Malcolm
Adele - Elspeth Reid
Carol - Laura Smith
Mel - Alex Wrampling