'Stones In His Pockets'
by Marie Jones


Shakespeare House, Derby Irish Centre, Milton Village Hall, Melbourne Assembly Rooms


8th - 23rd October 2015


Lorna Kirkland

"Intrigued from the outset"
Review from Ria Amber Tesia

Lorna Kirkland took DSTC on tour in October 2015 with a production of Marie Jones's unique comedy 'Stones In His Pockets'. A colourful cast of characters were brought to life by just two performers in this hilarious and moving story of extras on a film set in rural Ireland.

Switching characters, accents, ages and sexes in the blink of an eye our two-man-fifteen-character cast told the story of Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn who meet as strangers and become firm friends while ducking and diving through a world of insecure Hollywood starlets and poverty-stricken locals.

All photographs taken by Bryan Cleary.


Director - Lorna Kirkland
Lighting & Sound - Dan Clarkson
Set Design - Mike Smith & Pandy Toy
Props - Pandy Toy
Choreography - Jackie O'Brien


Charlie Conlon - Ian Currie
Jake Quinn - Mathew Shepherd