'The Birthday Party'
by Harold Pinter


Derby Playhouse Studio


3rd - 7th December 1991


Keith Briars

The Derby Playhouse Studio was a suitably intimate space to be transformed into the claustrophobic setting of our 1991 production of Harold Pinter's 'The Birthday Party'.

The ominous atmosphere of the play was conveyed brilliantly by a small cast who performed the piece with aplomb. Characterised by Harold Pinter's excellent writing, sinister characters and shifting, uncertain identities the story of mysterious strangers bringing chaos to a mundane, suburban setting was an intense and unsettling delight for audiences who were drawn into the action via the excellent set. Definitely uneasy viewing but memorably and magnificently performed!

All photographs taken by Tony Eycott.


Director - Keith Briars
Stage Manager - Peter Harrington
Lighting & Sound - Neil Worton
Wardrobe - Flora Palmer
Prompt - Ruth Eycott
Props - Chris Bloor, Jill Cocke, Elaine Lawrenson & Ann Toy
Assistant Stage Manager - Lorna Harrington
Photograhs - Tony Eycott
Press Officer - Alicia Petty
Business Manager - Tony Jaggers


Petey Boles - Alan Smith
Meg Boles - Helen Cornfield
Stanley Webber - Jeremy Clancy
Lulu - Frances Newbury
Goldberg - Mike Charlesworth
McCann - Adrian Hughes