'The Merchant Of Venice'
& 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'


Derby Playhouse


27th February - 11th March 1967


Pat Laurie & Vida Ayres

As was the custom at the time in 1967 we presented our 'Shakespeare Festival' - two back-to-back productions in consecutive weeks at the old Derby Playhouse in Sacheveral Street.

This was our sixth production of 'The Merchant Of Venice' and featured a madrigal, 'Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred' composed for the show by John Locke.

The 1968 festival also marked our sixth outing for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in a production which featured choreography for the fairy scenes by Marjorie Armstrong and choral arrangements by the Richard Boughey Singers.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Director - Pat Laurie
Setting Design & Painting - Neville Colledge
Stage Director - Ruth Turner
Stage Manager - Pat Hough
Musical Director - Travis Sutton
Wardrobe - Jean Wheeler & Sybil Gamble
Properties - Mary Willis
Make-up - Enid Clarke
Prompter - Doris Knight

Director - Vida Ayres
Settings Design - Susan Ingram
Stage Director - Jean Wood
Assistant Stage Director - Barbara Pipes
Stage Manager - Duncan McGregor
Musical Director - Fred Minchin
Wardobe - Sybil Gamble & Jean Wheeler
Properties - Mary Dalton
Make-up - Ursula Eddowes
Prompter - Marjorie Minchin


Duke Of Venice - Mercer Simpson
Prince Of Morocco - Travis Sutton
Prince Of Arragon - Richard Carter
Antonio - Tom Jelley
Bassanio - Neville Colledge
Gratiano - Eric Dicken
Salerio - Tony Rees
Solanio - Keith Garratt
Lorenzo - John Reay
Shylock - Kenneth Pipes
Tubal - Brian Branscombe
Launcelot Gobbo - Trevor Shields
Old Gobbo - Howard Smith
Leonardo - Ewen McWilliam
Balthazar - Leonard Smith
Stephano - John Bunting
Indian Page - Simon Pipes
Clerk - John Bunting
Moroccans - Colin McNae, George Reay & Norman Whitmore
Citizens & Revellers - Reg Bailey, Richard Carter, Colin McNae, Ewen McWilliam & Richard Smith
Portia - Jessica Clewes
Nerissa - Hilda Smith
Jessica - Pat Kent
Ladies-In-Waiting - Mabs Potter & Linda Willson
Citizens & Revellers - Jane Carter, Mary Carter, Joan Garratt, Margaret Gray, Joyce Leech, Imogen Locke, Judy Sharp, Mary Willis & Linda Willson

Theseus - Kenneth Collier
Egeus - Derek Palmer
Lysander - Tony Jaggers
Demetrius - Brian Ashwell
Philostrate - John Williams
Quince - Donald Potter
Snug - William Goodhead
Bottom - William Pottier
Flute - John Blackwall
Snout - Fred Minchin
Starveling - Peter Hunt
Soldiers - Duncan McGregor & Percy Pickering
Lords - Graham Dear, Malcolm Peel & Kenneth Tipper
Hippolyta - Dorothy Haymes
Hermia - Sally Cooper
Helena - Jane Moore
Ladies - Anthew Blundell, Daphne Bridge & Ouida Haroun
Amazons - Fenella Bemrose & Claire Seddon
Servants - Christine Bayley & Caroline James
Oberon - Hugh Price
Titania - Tessa Scopes
Puck - Michael Kirk
Peaseblossom - Catherine Potter
Cobweb - Andrew Collier
Moth - Guy Page
Mustardseed - Rosemary Potter
First Fairy - Rachel Warren
Indian Boy - Matthew Price
Other Fairies - Ilinka Andjelic, Caroline Braines, Jane Carter, Fay Cholerton, Judith Glasford, Kim Hodgkinson, Sharon Pick, Andrew Pickering, Julie Price, Janet Short, Helen Smith & Julie Wilkinson