'The Merry Wives Of Windsor'


Temperance Hall


8th - 10th December 1920


A. G. Revill & C. B. Sherwin

Our first production of 'The Merry Wives Of Windsor' marked a return for the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch).

The years of the First World War had led to the curtailing of almost all activity by the society and no plays at all were produced between 1913 and 1920.  Following the armistice, though, the society was gradually able to reconvene and by late 1920 was in a strong enough position to mount this production for three consecutive evenings at the Temperance Hall, a regular venue for us for the next few years.  

It is perhaps fitting that, after such a dark and unhappy time, the society chose to raise spirits upon its return with a happy comedy, perhaps reflecting the optimistic mood of our members as they emerged from the shadow of war.


Producers - Mr. A. G. Revill & Mr. C. B. Sherwin


Sir John Falstaff - Mr. A. G. Revill
Fenton - Mr. A. G. Grime
Shallow - Mr. E. D. Marsden
Slender - Mr. F. H. Roe
Ford - Mr. D. Campbell
Page - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Sir Hugh Evans - Dr. A. R. Laurie
Doctor Caius - Mr. A. D. Smedley
Host Of The Garter Inn- Mr. A. S. Gosset-Tanner
Pistol - Mr. C. G. Dowding
Nym - Mr. G. F. Knighton
Bardolph - Mr. C. F. Weston
Robin - Master T. C. Barnett
Rugby - Mr. W. H. Foulks
Simple - Miss B. Keene
Mistress Ford - Miss E. A. Trubshaw
Mistress Page - Miss E. Bennett
Anne Page - Miss L. M. Lewis
Mistress Quickly - Miss E. J. Crowther
John - Mr. J. Bottom
Robert - Mr. A. Grimes