'The Merry Wives Of Windsor' &
'Romeo & Juliet'


Derby Playhouse


19th February - 3rd March 1962


Kenneth Collier & Leslie Titmuss

As was the custom at the time in 1962 we presented our 'Shakespeare Festival' - two back-to-back productions in consecutive weeks at the old Derby Playhouse in Sacheveral Street. 1962 would mark the last time this was done as the British Empire Shakespeare Society, Derby branch, before our change to being the Derby Shakespeare Society.

The 'Shakespeare Festival' would usually consist of contrasting plays, often a tragedy and a comedy, presented in a traditional Shakespearean style. The 1962 festival marked the fifth occasion on which we had produced the ever-popular comedy 'The Merry Wives Of Windsor' and our third production of the classic romantic tragedy 'Romeo & Juliet'.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Producer - Kenneth Collier
Setting Design - Pamela Ingram
Stage Director - Pat Laurie
Stage Manager - Duncan McGregor
Musical Director - John Townsend
Wardrobe - Jean Wheeler & Sybil Gamble
Properties - Mary Willis
Make-up - Ursula Eddowes
Music & Effects - Jean Pentreath
Prompter - Doris Knight

Producer - Leslie Titmuss
Setting Design - Pamela Ingram
Stage Director & Lighting - Dennis Eddowes
Stage Manager - Duncan McGregor
Musical Director - John Townsend
Wardobe - Jean Wheeler & Sybil Gamble
Properties - Mary Willis
Make-up - Enid Clarke
Music Operator - Ruth Turner
Prompter - Lavinia Gamble & Barbara Pipes


Sir John Falstaff - Kenneth Collier
Fenton - Melvyn Lloyd-Smith
Shallow - Harold Gamble
Slender - Patrick Beck
Ford - William Pottier
Page - Tom Jelley
Sir Hugh Evans - Eric Spencer
Doctor Caius - Donald Potter
Host Of The Garter Inn - John Townsend
Bardolph - Duncan McGregor
Pistol - Christopher Redfearn
Nym - Duncan Underwood
Robin - Philip Judson
Simple - Kenneth Tipper
Rugby - John Welchman
Townsfolk & Servants - John Goodwin, Leonard Smith, Gordon Styche & Brian Swindell
Mistress Ford - Kitty Scopes
Mistress Page - Betty Garratt
Anne Page - Jessica Clewes
Mistress Quickly - Pauline Garrard
Townsfolk - Vida Ayres, Daphne Bridge, Sheila Carver, Pauline Healey & Susan Ingram

Escalus - Dennis Chapman
Paris - Melvyn Lloyd-Smith
Montague - Richard Carter
Capulet - Howard Smith
Old Man - Ian Roberts
Romeo - John Cocke
Mercutio - Kenneth Pipes
Benvolio - Brian Swindell
Tybalt - Tony Rees
Friar Lawrence - Frank Garratt
Friar John - Hugh Price
Sampson - Keith Sherwin
Gregory - Duncan McGregor
Peter - Garth Phillips
Abraham - John Blackwall
Balthasar - Leonard Smith
Apothecary - E. D. Marsden
Captain - Trevor Shields
Guards - Kenneth Sayer & Norman Whitmore
Pages - Rodney Fowkes & John Slater
Lady Montague - Dorothy Haymes
Lady Capulet - Marjorie Minchin
Juliet - Jill Pearson
Nurse - Jean Wood
Ladies - Daphne Bridge, Kathleen Burleigh, Sheila Carver, Susan Ingram & Jean Pentreath