'The Regina Monologues'
by Rebecca Russell & Jenny Wafer


Shakespeare House


21st - 23rd June 2018


Niamh Mourton

ReginaPosterAsImage - small.png

Six women with one thing in common – Henry – the man they all had the misfortune to have married...

This fantastic in-house production of Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer's unique set of monologues brought the lives of the wives of Henry VIII into a moving, funny and altogether human focus. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking the script was enriched by six powerful and mesmerising performances under the excellent guidance of Niamh Mourton, directing for us for the first time.

With innovate use of a set that made the most of Shakespeare House's performance space this show was a fresh, modern take on one of the world's most familiar stories.


Director - Niamh Mourton
Production Assistant - Charlotte Matthews
Sound & Lighting - Neil Jones
Publicity - Edward Pickering-Symes
Box Office - Charlotte Matthews
Special Thanks - Emma Duder, Flora Palmer, Stuart Mourton, Heidi Hargreaves & Bryan Cleary


Cathy - Leni Robson
Annie - Tamzin Grayson
Jane - Alex Wrampling
Anna - Heidi Hargreaves
Katie - Laura Smith
Katherine - Lisa Kelly