'The Taming Of The Shrew'


Temperance Hall & Wirksworth Town Hall


5th - 7th February 1925


A. G. Revill & C. B. Sherwin

In both 1924 and 1925 the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch), as we were known back then, performed both shows both at the Temperance Hall in Derby and at Wirkswirth Town Hall.

In 1925 the production was 'The Taming Of The Shrew', the second time the play had been produced by the society.  It played for two nights at the Temperance Hall before transferring to Wirkswirth for a third.

The show was promoted as an 'Immortal play' containing 'Pretty scenes', 'Gorgeous costumes' and 'Endless mirth'.


Producers - Mr. A. G. Revill & Mr. C. B. Sherwin


Lord - Mr. E. A. Vaughan
Christopher Sly - Mr. D. Campbell
Hostess - Miss W. S. Marsden
Page - Mr. B. H. Serabski
1st Huntsman - Mr. J. T. C. Pendock
2nd Huntsman - Mr. D. G. Gilman
Servant - Mr. W. A. Scott
Steward - Mr. A. D. Smedley
Baptista - Mr. E. D. Marsden
Vincentio - Mr. A. D. Smedley
Lucentio - Mr. Stuart Chedburn
Petruchio - Mr. A. G. Revill
Gremio - Mr. F. H. Roe
Hortensio - Mr. C. H. Kerswill
Tranio - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Biondello - Mr. G. F. Knighton
Grumio - Dr. A. R. Laurie
Curtis - Miss Elsie Bennett
Nathaniel - Mr. D. G. Gilman
Gregory - Mr. E. A. Vaughan
Philip - Mr. S. A. Garratt
Cook - Mr. A. Grimes
Tailor - Mr. J. Bottom
Haberdasher - Mr. W. A. Scott
Pedant - Mr. J. T. C. Pendock
Servant To Baptista - Mr. E. Tudor
Katharina - Mrs. W. L. Bemrose
Bianca - Mrs. A. R. Laurie
Widow - Mrs. A. G. Revill
1st Lady In Waiting - Mrs. G. F. Knighton
2nd Lady In Waiting - Miss Barbara Keene
3rd Lady In Waiting - Miss Kathleen George
Attendants On The Bride - Miss Rona Laurie & Miss Joan Laurie