'The Taming Of The Shrew'
& 'Julius Caesar'


Derby Playhouse


24th February - 7th March 1964


Pat Laurie & Kenneth Collier

As was the custom at the time in 1964 we presented our 'Shakespeare Festival' - two back-to-back productions in consecutive weeks at the old Derby Playhouse in Sacheveral Street.

This particular festival make the 'quater-centenary' - 400 years since William Shakespeare's birth. It was a time of mixed emotions as these two plays marked the first productions since the death of our founder member Alfred George Revill but also the first since the Derby Shakespeare Society (as we were then known) moved into Durdant House (as it was then known), the property on Kedleston Road that would become Shakespeare House, our home ever since.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Director - Pat Laurie
Setting Design - Pamela Ingram
Stage Director - Jean Wood
Musical Director - Christopher Redfearn
Stage Managers - Daphne Bridge, Jean Henderson & Pat Hough
Wardrobe - Jean Wheeler
Properties - Ruth Turner & Mary Willis
Make-up - Ursula Eddowes
Prompter - Doris Knight

Director - Kenneth Collier
Setting Design - Pamela Ingram
Stage Director - Sheila Carver
Lighting - Kenneth Collier
Stage Manager - Duncan McGregor
Assistant Stage Managers - Percy Pickering, Leonard Smith & Ken Tipper
Musical Director - Fred Minchin
Wardobe - Jean Wheeler & Sybil Gamble
Properties - Mary Willis & Ruth Turner
Make-up - Enid Clarke
Prompter - Sandra Fearnley


Baptista - Harry Warrilow
Vincentio - Harold Gamble
Lucentio - Eric Spencer
Petruchio - Travis Sutton
Gremio - Richard Carter
Hortensio - Patrick Beck
Tranio - Tony Rees
Biondello - Eric Dicken
Grumio - Garth Phillips
Pedant - Dennis Eddowes
Tailor - Howard Smith
Haberdasher - Donald Potter
Priest - Maurice Turner
Cook - Donald Potter
Officer - Christopher Redfearn
Servants - William Goodhead, Peter Hunt, Barry Ingram, Tony Jaggers, Christopher Redfearn & Geoff Taylor
Katharina - Jessica Clewes
Bianca - Sally Cooper
Curtis - Joyce Leech
Widow - Joan Pottier
Bridesmaids & Servants - Christine Bayley, Daphne Bridge, Wendy Bridge, Elizabeth Elliott, Dorothy Haymes & Hettie Hill

Julius Caesar - Frank Garratt
Octavius Caesar - Hugh Price
Marcus Antonius - Kenneth Pipes
Lepidus - David Samuel
Cicero - Armytage Dean
Publius - Harold Warren
Popilius Lena - Edwin Ennals
Marcus Brutus - William Pottier
Cassius - Kenneth Collier
Casca - Tom Jelley
Trebonius - John Adderley
Ligarius - Leslie Titmuss
Decius Brutus - Kenneth Wrigley
Metellus Cimber - Fred Minchin
Cinna - Donald Potter
Flavius - Kenneth Sayer
Marullus - Trevor Shields
Cinna The Poet - Marsden Starkey
Soothsayer - William Wright
Lucius - Timothy Duce
Pindarus - Edwin Ennals
Lucilius - Trevor Shields
Titinius - Duncan McGregor
Messala - John Townsend
Cato - John Blackwall
Volumnius - John Adderley
Artemidorus - Nicholas Peace
Clitus - Fred Minchin
Strato - Leonard Smith
Dardanius - David Samuel
First Citizen - Duncan McGregor
Second Citizen - John Slater
Third Citizen - John Townsend
Fourth Citizen - Leonard Smith
Servants - John Blackwall, Michael Partridge & John Slater
Carpenter - Leonard Smith
Cobbler - John  Townsend
Soldiers & Citizens - Michael Jenkins, Ewen McWilliam, Peter Mortimer, Derek Palmer, Percy Pickering, Graham Radford, Tony Ratcliffe, John Reay & Ken Tipper
Calpurnia - Marjorie Minchin
Portia - Kitty Scopes
Roman Ladies - Lavinia Gamble & Dorothy Haymes
Citizens - Vida Ayres, Jennifer Brownhall, Susan Ingram, Pat Kent, Doris Knight, Jean Pickering, Mabs Potter, Sandra Savage, Brenda Siddons, Hilda Smith & Margaret Stevenson