'The Winter's Tale'




7th - 12th March 1977


Michael Kirk

In March 1977 we took to the Guildhall stage with Michael Kirk's production of 'The Winter's Tale', Shakespeare's melancholy tale of comedy, romance and loss.

Venita Cook provided the illustration for the programme cover and Chris Redfearn composed original music for the show.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Director - Michael Kirk
Stage Director - Barbara Pipes
Set Design - Andrew Pickering
Set Construction - Percy Pickering
Wardrobe - Sybil Gamble, Dorothy Turner & Jean Wheeler
Properties - Mary Willis
Sound - Hugh Roberts
Make-up - Enid Clarke
Book - Joyce Leech & Shirley Butcher
Front Of House Manager - Kenneth Pipes


Leontes - John Bunting
Hermione - Jonet Brown
Mamillius - Ben Cocke & Richard Huson
Camillo -Tony Jaggers
Antigonus - Eric Dicken
Cleomenes - Percy Pickering
Dion - Bill Henchliff
Paulina - Peggie Williamson
Emilia - Vida Ayres
Officer - Howard Smith
Gaoler - Chris Redfearn
Mariner - Bill Goodhead
Lords Attending On Leontes - David Lazzari, Dave Smith, Stan Huyton & Keith Walker
Ladies Attending On Hermione - Ann Toy & Jenny Cruise
Polixenes - Philip Beeson
Florizel - Hugh Roberts
Perdita - Louise Breslin
Autolycus - Keith Garratt
Old Shepherd - Hugh Price
Shepherd's Son - Stan Huyton
Mopsa - Joan Garratt
Dorcas - Ann Toy
Shepherd Servants - Val Cotton & Judy Pratt
Shepherds - David Jones, David Lazzari, Dave Smith & Keith Walker
Shepherdesses - Helen Gerard, Rachel Huyton, Jayne Merry & Jean Pickering