'Coriolanus' & 'The Merry Wives Of Windsor'


Grand Theatre


31st January - 5th February 1938


A. G. Revill

Though 'The Merry Wives Of Windsor' had already been performed twice by the British Empire Shakespeare Society (Derby Branch), as we were then known, by 1938, this marked our first production of 'Coriolanus'.

It was customary at the time to present two shows together, alternating evenings and matinees between them throughout the week.  This meant a high workload for the cast and crew, as well as the demands of rehearsing two full productions at once in the preceding months.  George Revill, a member since our foundation, was a key part of the team who produced plays for us at this time, always working hard both on and off stage. For our 1938 season he directed both plays, bringing the total number of plays he had directed for the society, either alone or with a partner, to 25.  As impressive a feat as it was he would go on to more than double it by the time he directed 'Henry V', his final production for us in 1958.


Producer - Mr. A. G. Revill
Dance Arranged By - Miss J. Deudney


Caius Marcius Coriolanus - Mr. F. H. Garratt
Titus Lartius - Mr. T. E. Harrison
Cominius - Mr. C. W. Gibson
Menenius Agrippa - Mr. A. E. Sellers
Sicinius Velutus - Mr. E. D. Marsden
Junius Brutus - Mr. L. H. Titmuss
Young Martius - Master J. C. Lucas
Roman Herald - Mr. I. H. Sutcliffe
Tullus Aufidius - Mr. A. D. Smedley
Lieutenant To Aufidius - Mr. C. H. Townsend
Roman Senators - Messrs. A. E. Goodey & C. H. Aslin
Volscian Lords - Messrs. F. C. Copestake & F. B. Hill
Ushers - Messrs. J. H. Upton & J. H. Richardson
Aediles - Messrs. E. Lilley & J. F. Glover
Roman Citizens - Messrs. A. A. Allan, A. E. Beeson, G. Barrow, J. E. Campbell, L. B. Cornish, P. R. H. Cullin, R. G. Deane, S. E. H. Dowding, R. J. Dredge, E. E. Gay, R. G. Hayes, R. F. Janes, J. G. Mills, A. Moore, S. G. Pickering, N. H. Rollason, H. T. Willoughby, F. R. Winfield & J. Wyles
Roman Soldiers - Messrs. W. Bussell, E. Chase, R. Homer, C. B. Payne, D. S. Pickering, R. D. Plant, W. L. Saywell & K. E. Swain
Volscian Servants - Messrs. G. S. Aspdin, G. W. Ford & W. T. Hall
Volscian Guards - Messrs. D. F. Lewis & K. B. Smith
Messengers - Messrs. G. I. Larkin & R. D. Plant
Volumnia - Mrs. A. R. Laurie
Virgilia - Mrs. J. E. Howard Smith
Valeria - Mrs. L. Armstrong
Gentlewomen - Miss H. C. Greaves & Miss Beatrice Young

Sir John Falstaff - Mr. D. Campbell
Fenton - Mr. A. I. Moore
Shallow - Mr. Mercer H. Simpson
Slender - Mr. S. Morrison
Ford - Mr. Colin Burstall
Page - Mr. J. H. Banks
Sir Hugh Evans - Mr. W. Stewart
Doctor Caius - Mr. C. G. Dowding
Host Of The Garter Inn - Mr. J. Bottom
Bardolph - Mr. A. E. Goodey
Pistol - Mr. D. G. Gilman
Nym - Mr. Rupert Allen
Servants To Ford - Messrs. C. B. Payne & K. E. Swain
Robin - Miss Peggy Banks
Simple - Mr. C. T. Plant
Rugby - Mr. E. E. Gay
Mistress Ford - Miss Eileen Whitehouse
Mistress Page - Mrs. A. G. Revill
Anne Page - Miss Joan Laurie
Mistress Quickly - Mrs. C. H. Aslin