'The Tempest'


Railway Institute


13th - 18th February 1956


L. H. Titmuss

In 1956 we presented 'The Tempest' for the third time, on this occasion at the Railway Insitute, close to Derby's main railway station.

As was often the case at the time E. D. Marsden composed original music for the show, in this case musical settings for 'Come Unto These Yellow Sands' and 'Full Fathom Five'.

The society's productions of this time were often staged in consecutive weeks, with many cast and crew being involved in both shows at the same time. This would become formalised into a  two-week 'Shakespeare Festival' in 1957 with our productions of  'Julius Caesar' and 'The Winter's Tale'.

We hope to be able to add more information and photographs from this production soon.


Producer - L. H. Titmuss
Stage Directors - T. A. Clarke & Miss P. Laurie
Stage Manager - R. H. A. Dyer
Musical Director - E. D. Marsden
Settings & Lighting - D. Eddowes
Wardrobe - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler & Mrs. R. H. A. Dyer
Properties - Mrs. D. McGregor
Make-up - Mrs. D. Eddowes
Scenery Designer - Miss E. Clarke
Scenery Painting - Mrs. M. A. Wheeler & Miss E. Clarke
Prompter - Mrs. E. E. Knighton
Dance Arrangements - Miss C. Haslam


Alonso - K. E. Sayer
Ferdinand - G. E. Bakewell
Sebastian - J. E. H. Smith
Prospero - K. G. Collier
Antonio - A. R. Carter
Gonzalo - A. D. Smedley
Adrian - J. A. J. Rees
Francisco - R. P. J. Beck
Trinculo - J. C. Crum
Stephano - A. W. Elliott
Master Of A Ship - D. McGregor
Boatswain - G. N. T. Dickinson
Caliban - E. G. Ennals
Reapers - A. J. Cordery, M. J. Eyre, G. F. Phillips & R. J. Stanley
Miranda - Miss J. E. M. Hewitt
Ariel - Mrs. F. H. Garratt & Miss J. Pearson
Iris - Mrs. J. E. H. Smith
Ceres - Mrs. C. Cook
Juno - Mrs. I. Owen
Spirits - Irene Bradshaw, Kathleen Burleigh, Hettie Hill, Doris Knight & Rosemary Otter
Nymphs - Anita Beck, Doreen Bromage, Jane Elliott, Jill Pearson & June Smith